Media & Telecommunications

The Idell Firm assists clients in structuring and conducting their affairs within the confines of a broad array of laws relating to their media and telecommunications activities, from First Amendment issues to compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Telecommunications Privacy Act, and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act including the Stored Communications Act 18 U.S.C. §§2701-2712, among others. We counsel digital music, film and video content owners as well as distributors and licensees in both traditional and new media. The Idell Firm is particularly familiar with issues concerning new media set up and distribution including DMCA safe harbor compliance, legal issues relating to user-generated content and fair use and content sharing issues. We provide counsel on advertising in new media ventures including trademarks and contextual advertising and advertising in conjunction with social networking efforts and blogs. The Idell Firm also provides counsel on privacy issues and concerns in both traditional and new media endeavors and assists clients in mobile distribution efforts.

Media and Telecommunications Issues:

  • DMCA Compliance
    • “Safe Harbor” and “Notice and Take Down” procedures and compliance
  • Adult Content Distributors
    • 2257 Compliance
    • Obscenity laws and “community standards”
  • Fair Use and Content Sharing Technologies
  • Traditional Media
  • Trademark and Copyright Protection
  • Trademarks and Contextual Advertising
  • Ad Distribution
  • Social Networking
  • Blogs
  • Mobile Distribution
  • Author-Agent Agreements
  • Trade Book Agreements
  • Professional Book Agreements
  • Releases and Consents
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Privacy and Publicity Rights Issues

Litigation Issues:

The Idell Firm has handled numerous litigation matters covering enforcement and interpretation of the various Federal and State regulation of media, communications, and the internet.